H2 High Capacity GrainGage

Superior Data Collection for Large Plots

The H2 High Capacity GrainGage™ comes with HarvestMaster’s long-standing reputation for reliability, along with new, advanced technology to provide agriculture researchers with even greater accuracy, improved efficiency, and less maintenance. Available in both Single Plot and Twin Plot models, the H2 GrainGage is designed to collect highly accurate field data on large-plot, high-volume grain samples, such as corn or soybeans. Collecting high-accuracy data on large samples has never been this easy.

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Exceptional Data Accuracy
Exceptional Data Accuracy

The H2 utilizes patented technology and innovative design to significantly enhance data accuracy. Using specialized filtering, the H2’s DSP module greatly reduces data errors caused by external factors like combine movement and ground slope to provide you with highly accurate, unbiased results.

With some grain weighing systems, debris can become lodged in the weighing mechanism, altering the results. However, the H2 features a new, streamlined design, based on HarvestMaster’s industry-proven Classic GrainGage,which moves grain cleanly in and out of the chambers. This design also reduces inaccuracies caused by grain compaction, thus providing you with unmatched data accuracy.

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Maximized Efficiency
Maximized Efficiency

The H2 GrainGage allows you to collect field data more efficiently than ever. First, its patented motion and ground slope sensors work to provide highly accurate measurements on the go, without ever needing to stop the combine.

Second, with its new design, the H2 now collects test weight, moisture, and plot weight data simultaneously, helping you get on your way to the next plot that much faster.

And third, the H2’s cleaner design helps minimize maintenance, providing you with more uninterrupted work time.

Maximized Efficiency
Continual System Monitoring

Because we know how important your data is, the H2 has built-in mechanisms that continually monitor the system’s operation to ensure everything is operating smoothly for the best data possible. Displays and sensors provide feedback and warnings to the operator in the case that something is not functioning properly. This assures breeders the highest quality data possible using the H2 GrainGage.

Mirus Software
Mirus™ Software - Easy-To-Use, Yet Powerful

The H2 GrainGage is optimized to use with HarvestMaster’s Mirus™ software, a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that allows researchers to collect and monitor plot harvest data as it’s collected. Learn more about Mirus here.

Maximize Field Data Collection Performance

Note: System accuracy dependent upon proper calibration and configuration per HarvestMaster recommendation.