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On-target, Every time.

Easily control plot treatment applications with The Alvo Field Applicator. Alvo eliminates the bulky — and often confusing — toggle switch boxes typically used to control field applicators. You simply import a map into Mirus*, select which treatment to apply with each spray boom, and choose to control the applicator either manually or through GPS positioning. Alvo allows operators to control sprayers and spreaders using GPS for an efficient application process. Alvo offers a simple setup process that is easily applied to most spray applicators already used in the field.



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HarvestMaster has been a leader in research agriculture technologies for nearly 30 years. Each Classic GrainGage, High Capacity GrainGage, Stationary GrainGage, NEW H3 GrainGage, and Mirus Harvest Software is designed and assembled in our Logan, Utah, USA facility.

By working closely with our customers in the field, we are able to provide new developments and updates that are in direct response to customer needs. The HarvestMaster team is dedicated to supporting your GrainGage systems so you can make the most out of your data for agriculture and crop management.

Mirus Harvest Software
Collect unparalleled research data using HarvestMaster's Mirus™ Data Collection Software. Mirus provides several unique ways to view field data on easy-to-access screens and menus, putting valuable information at your fingertips.

Used through Mirus, Alvo can also apply granular material, soil inoculate, and dry fertilizer. Alvo is very versatile; anything controlled with valves that turn on and off can be controlled through Alvo.

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As a U.S. manufacturer of ultra-rugged tablets and GPS receivers, Juniper Systems created Mirus to put the finishing touch on this industry-leading mapping and data collection powerhouse solution.

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