Cache Weigh System

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The Cache Weigh System can be installed on almost any current piler set up. Cache allows for accurate weight measuring during the piling process and when loading trucks for delivery.

The mounted load cells of the Cache system are built to withstand the rigorous process of loading and unloading throughout the season. Once calibrated, Cache provides accurate measurements without requiring recalibrations. Visual feedback is always available with the Cache system’s display and data is accessible via Wi-Fi connectivity. With the Cache Weigh System, commercial growers can confidently know how much they have on hand as well as how much they are loading onto trucks.

As a company built around its passion for agriculture, HarvestMaster’s roots run deep in crop measurement. Founded in 1993, HarvestMaster is known for its premium weight and moisture sensors throughout the seed research industry. Bringing this advanced time-tested crop measurement technology to potato growers across the globe was an obvious next step.


  • Load with accuracy and confidence
  • Whether it’s piling in storage or loading trucks for delivery, you can be confident that Cache will provide accurate weight measurements.

  • Simple upgrade
  • The Cache Weigh System is an easy upgrade to add to any current piler (or conveyor) to monitor the weight of your pile in real time.

  • Wireless Monitoring
  • Visual feedback on Cache’s system display is accessible via Wi-Fi connectivity so data can be monitored while piling or loading trucks.

  • Set it and forget it
  • Cache requires very few recalibrations, only if the piler goes an extended period without use, or to set calibrations at the beginning of a season.

  • Live customer support
  • Our team of experts are available to assist with technical issues or questions whenever you are using your Cache Weigh System.

How It Works

The Cache Weigh System is a total solution that can be installed on any current piler set up.

What to Expect

  1. First and foremost, HarvestMaster provides world-class customer support. You can count on us being there to help every step of the process. Our end goal is to increase your profits by improving yield performance. Our team gives you the support and data you need to make that goal a reality. Visualize row-by-row performance
  2. We will help to determine if your Harvester is suited for a Casma install, and help you find a local dealer who can provide installation and ongoing support to help you succeed.
  3. HarvestMaster has a long history of providing world-class yield measurement. We credit this to years and years of continuous improvement. With Casma, those improvements will be available to you as we continue to improve features and functionality.