Improve Your Bottom Line.

Bridge the gap between hard work and the information that makes your farm profitable with HarvestMaster’s Casma Potato Yield Monitor.

Casma provides a visual measurement of your hard work each potato harvest. Reliable hardware mounts easily to an existing potato harvester and sends yield performance data directly to your harvester’s in-cab screen or via the cloud for anywhere access.

As a company built around its passion for agriculture, HarvestMaster’s roots run deep in crop measurement. Founded in 1993, HarvestMaster is known for its premium weight and moisture sensors throughout the seed research industry. Bringing this advanced time-tested crop measurement technology to potato growers across the globe was an obvious next step.

Top Features

How It Works

To provide an accurate measurement of yield, the Casma Potato Yield Monitor ties potato weight to a specific area.


Casma uses load cells and a belt speed sensor to determine the weight of potatoes being loaded. For increased measurement accuracy, additional sensors are used to compensate for temperature, slope, and motion.


To calculate area, row spacing and number of rows is used to determine the width, while GPS data is used to calculate the potato harvester’s distance traveled. GPS is also used to associate where on the field the yield came from.


Casma’s user interface is available in the cab of the potato harvester on any ISOBUS-compatible display. This allows the operator to view field performance and in-cab settings. The user interface also allows the operator to capture truck load data by simply entering a truck ID and resetting the load weight before a new truck begins.


While harvesting, every few minutes new data is sent to via the solution’s integrated cell modem. This allows users to log in and view yield maps, reports on field and harvester performance, and truck load data.

What to Expect

  1. First and foremost, HarvestMaster provides world-class customer support. You can count on us being there to help every step of the process. Our end goal is to increase your profits by improving yield performance. Our team gives you the support and data you need to make that goal a reality. Visualize row-by-row performance
  2. We will help to determine if your Harvester is suited for a Casma install, and help you find a local dealer who can provide installation and ongoing support to help you succeed.
  3. HarvestMaster has a long history of providing world-class yield measurement. We credit this to years and years of continuous improvement. With Casma, those improvements will be available to you as we continue to improve features and functionality.