H2 Classic GrainGage

Unprecedented Data Collection for Small Plot Harvesters and Stationary Operations

The H2 Classic GrainGage combines the extraordinary accuracy of HarvestMaster’s industry-proven Classic GrainGage with “H2 Technology”--the unique signal processing and grain handling capability behind its unprecedented measurement speed. This powerful seed research system comes in a compact, light weight package ideal for small plot harvesters and stationary research threshing operations. Fast, accurate, and reliable collection of harvest data on agriculture research trials for grains has never been more achievable.

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Exceptional Data Accuracy
Exceptional Data Accuracy

The H2 Classic GrainGage utilizes digital signal processing and unique grain handling for enhanced data accuracy. Using specialized filtering, its DSP module greatly reduces data errors caused by external factors like combine movement and ground slope to provide you with highly accurate, unbiased results.

Research Meets Efficiency
Research Meets Efficiency

The H2 Classic GrainGage allows you to collect field data more efficiently than ever. First, its slope and motion sensors work to compensate for machine motion and vibration, whether weighing on-the-go or while stopped. Second, with its new design, the H2 Classic now collects test weight, moisture, and plot weight data simultaneously, letting you move to the next plot much faster—up to 240 plots per hour!

Mirus™ Software – Easy-To-Use, Yet Powerful
Mirus™ Software – Easy-To-Use, Yet Powerful

Like all H2 GrainGage systems, the Classic is optimized for use with HarvestMaster’s Mirus™ software, a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool that allows researchers to collect and monitor plot harvest data as it’s collected.

Features At-A-Glance
Features At-A-Glance
  • Fully automatic plot measurements
  • Better accuracy
  • Fast measurements
  • Automatic strip mode
  • Multiple sub-sample capability
Measurement Capability
  • Weight: +/- 0.1 lbs (+/- 45 g)
  • Test Weight: +/- 0.8 lb/bu (+/- 1 kg/hl)
  • Moisture: +/- 0.5% for 0% to 27% moisture; +/-1.0% for 27% to 40% moisture
  • System Capacity: 30 lbs (15 kg) in the weigh hopper.

Note: System accuracy dependent upon proper calibration and configuration per HarvestMaster recommendations.

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