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18 Jan 2024

Install Instructions:


Mirus Software for HM800 GrainGage

Software Version Windows Installer (10 or 11) Documentation Release Notes

Mirus 4.1.2
For LH-Agro and FieldARO users only.

Mirus Reference Guide Mirus 4.1.2 Release Notes 
Mirus 3.2
All other HM800 users. 
  Mirus 3.2 Release Notes 


Mirus Plugins for HM800

  Windows Installer (10 or 11) Release Notes Supporting Documents
Low Yield

 How to Use the Low Yield Plugin 

Straw Weight

Straw Weight User's Guide (PN: 28526, Sept2020)


Moisture Curve Calculators & Sample Curve Files

(HM800) EM Moisture Probe Curve Calculator

HM800 Scripts

  Mirus < 3.1

Almaco SPC40

This controls the Diverter and AUX gates. The combine must be wired to control the cyclone and diverter separately. Primarily used in Strip Mode.  


BDS Script Auto - Updater

This auto-updater installs the required scripts for high-capacity GrainGages with bulk density sensors (BDS). These scripts are included with Mirus version 3.2 and later. If you are using an earlier version of Mirus, run this updater after installing Mirus. The updated script files help to prevent intermittent high test weights that are caused by grain getting caught under the BDS wiper.


GHM 2 - Plot

This changes the sequence of the isolation door on the cyclone to allow a plot to be staged on the machine while another one is being weighed. Download the GHM 2-Plot script files. Reference the dual-bucket GHM scripts README.txt and GHM 2-plot script file instruction documents included in the .zip file.


Wintersteiger Delta Tare Script for Single HCGG

To prevent weight tare errors due to air blowing inside the weigh bucket during a tare check, install this script utility (the tare script must be copied from the Device folder to the Config folder).


Wintersteiger Delta BDS HCGG w/ Sub-Sampler

This controls the Wintersteiger sub-sampler. Download BOTH the script and setup instructions. The installer works for both standard and BDS HCGG systems.


Wintersteiger Delta Classic GrainGage w/ Sub-Sampler

This controls the Wintersteiger sub-sampler. Download the instructions for the Classic GrainGage sub-sampler setup and edit the existing script file as instructed.