Extra Water Separator for High Humidity Environments

6 Jun 2001

Using the GrainGage in a high humidity area may overwhelm the pneumatic conditioning center filters, causing excess water to collect inside the pneumatic cylinders, slowing system performance. Adding an additional water separator, along with a 2-5 gallon reservoir air tank with a water drain valve, can help prevent this from occurring.

You can purchase an additional water separator (PN 12675) and push-in NPT fittings (PN 9633 and 9569) by contacting our sales department at sales@junipersys.com. You can also purchase these through your local Wilkerson dealer.

Suitable reservoir air tanks may be purchased locally, through a catalog such as McMaster-Carr Supply Company (visit

http://www.mcmaster.com or call (562)692-5911), or through Grainger Industrial Supply (visithttp://www.grainger.com for a distributor list).