HCGG Bulk Density Sensor

12 Mar 2009

The Bulk Density Sensor (BDS) for both the twin and single High Capacity GrainGage (HCGG) provides volumetric test weight measurement, giving researchers the ability to better characterize the test weight of corn and other large grains. The BDS measures test weight using the traditional volumetric method. Its measurements are closely correlated to the USDA Quart Cup. A system with the BDS installed continues to use the EM Grain Moisture Sensor to accurately measure the grain moisture.

The BDS is available as an accessory on all new HM800 Single and Twin HCGG systems. You can also have us retrofit your existing HM800 or HM400 Single or Twin HCGG with the BDS during a Premium Support On-Site Service visit. For additional information, please view the BDS Data Sheet (PDF).