H2 GrainGage Chamber Size Options

9 Sep 2021

The H2 GrainGage offers the option of inserts to make the chamber smaller for when lower quantities of grain are measured.

The insert count is the number of inserts present in the chamber. It is used to select the default volume for the test chamber, which is important to the accuracy of the system. 

The default volumes of the chamber are:

Zero Inserts = 82.51 oz (2,440 ml)

One Insert = 63.74 oz (1885 ml)

Two Inserts = 44.97 oz (1,330 ml)

Note: We also recommend a 10–20% chamber headroom (10–20% more grain than what is required) to perform a test chamber measurement and/or trigger additional sub-cycles.

When using inserts, it is more difficult for grain to flow freely (especially with lighter test weight crops such as oats, barley, sunflower, etc.) causing bridging and/or inaccurate moisture and test weight readings. Take extra care to ensure the samples are exceptionally clean and flowing freely. It is always better to keep the chamber size as large as possible to improve flow rate and consistency. As the chamber size is decreased, so is the flow rate. The evacuation time should be checked to ensure the grain is evacuating completely between each plot.

There are three chamber size options. The weight recommendations vary depending on the grain type and test weight, but a general guideline is shown in the table below. 

*These measurements are based on the United States (Winchester) bushel.

If you are only using one insert, install the insert on the opposite side of the top and bottom gate actuators. Installing the insert on the other side may reduce moisture error caused by grain chaff.

Note: In a few cases, we have offered a fourth option for using three inserts. We typically only recommend using the third insert for canola and other similar grain types. For more information about using three inserts, contact HarvestMaster.