On-Site Service Terms & Conditions

20 Feb 2020


Premium Support


  This agreement must be renewed annually. One seasons' service is good within one calendar year starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st, regardless of when it is purchased. For example, if service is purchased in July of 2020, it expires December 31, 2020. The price for purchasing on-site service for each year will change to the standard rate if purchased after July 1st of that year. The on-site service covers all products that are manufactured by Juniper Systems Inc. (Juniper) at the site for which this service was purchased.

  When contacting Juniper Systems for technical support, if a repair or replacement diagnosis for an original product (with a suggestion of loaner product shipment) is made before 2:00 p.m. Mountain Standard Time (MST), a loaner product is shipped the same day of authorization for the repair return. To guarantee next day air service, the loaner equipment must be requested before 2:00 p.m. MST Monday through Friday. Saturday delivery is available in most cities but is not guaranteed. The customer is responsible for the shipping costs of the loaner equipment to and from the shipping point. The cost for shipping loaner equipment to the customer is invoiced on the equipment return repair order.

  After the loaner equipment is received, the customer has the responsibility to ship the equipment needing repair to Juniper (with all costs of shipment prepaid) to be received within ten business days of the time they receive the loaner equipment.  For each business day past this deadline, there is an additional $25 charge.

  The customer has the option to trade the equipment needing repair for the loaner equipment. In the event the customer chooses not to trade equipment and after the damaged equipment is repaired (or replaced) and returned to the customer, the loaner equipment must be shipped back to Juniper with all costs of shipment prepaid to be received within ten business days of the time customer received the repaired equipment.  For each business day past this deadline, there is an additional $25 charge.

   Upon return of the loaner equipment to Juniper, it is evaluated for damages due to improper installation and operation, uses other than those for which the hardware was designed, and evidence that the equipment was operated outside of the product’s environmental specifications. Any said damages are the responsibility of the customer and are invoiced accordingly. If the loaner equipment is not returned within 30-days of the time the repaired equipment has been returned to the customer, Juniper reserves the right to invoice for both penalty charges and for the retail value of the product. Costs for equipment servicing, repairs, shipping, and late fees are invoiced separately from the service agreement.

  For products that are within the standard one-year warranty period, loaner equipment is provided at no charge and Juniper will cover parts for repairs performed on-site; however, we do not cover travel expenses. The same return conditions and penalties apply (stated above) for both warranty and non-warranty loaner transactions. 


 On-Site Field Service Visits


  Juniper Systems schedules on-site field service visits as requested by the customer. The customer holds the responsibility of communicating the timeframe a visit must be conducted at the time of the initial registration. The purpose of these visits is to give the end-user customer more confidence and peace of mind in their weigh system reliability and accuracy.  These visits have been proven to reduce downtime and harvest efficiency. 

  When an on-site field service visit is needed, arrangements are made to meet all the customer requests. Pricing is subject to change from year to year and costs are less when planned early in the year.  To keep costs low, Juniper Systems recommends customer’s schedule field service by May of each year.  When field service visits are scheduled after May, costs may increase.  In addition, when field service visits are in a remote location where multiple visits cannot be made, the customer may be responsible for travel expenses.


Definition of Emergency Field Service Visit


  An emergency field service visit is defined when an on-site visit is needed within 2-weeks of the time it is requested. Pricing may increase for emergency field service visits due to increased travel costs.


Wearable Part Kits


  Wearable part kits are made available for each product at a reduced cost to the customer.  These kits include all the parts that are most commonly needed for general maintenance and/or refurbishing a product.  More information about these kits can be found at: <Hyperlink>


 Definition of “SITE”


  A “SITE” is the place where the Plot Harvest Data System is located.