Premium Care Field Service and Support Plan Terms and Conditions

12 Jun 2024

On-Site Field Service Visits

To ensure equipment accuracy and reliability, a certified Field Service Representative can come on-site to perform weigh system maintenance, calibration, and training. "On-site" is defined as the place where the HarvestMaster equipment is located.

These visits have been proven to reduce downtime and improve harvest efficiency as well as set the customer up for success with the HarvestMaster equipment and software. The primary purpose of these visits is to give the customer more confidence and peace of mind about the equipment's reliability and data accuracy.

When a customer requests an on-site field service visit, the customer is responsible to communicate the necessary timeframe and any specific requests for the visit during the time of the initial registration.

Pricing is subject to change from year to year, and costs are lower when a visit request is made before July 1st of that year. In addition, when an on-site field service visit is in a remote location where other visits cannot be made, the customer may be responsible for travel expenses.

Emergency Field Service Visit

An emergency field service visit is when an on-site visit is needed within two weeks of the time it is requested. Pricing will increase for emergency field service visits due to increased travel costs.

Replacements Under Warranty

For products that are within the standard warranty period, replacement equipment is provided at no charge and HarvestMaster will cover parts for repairs performed on-site; however, we do not cover travel expenses. 

Annual Agreement

This agreement must be renewed annually. One season's service is good within one calendar year starting on January 1st and ending on December 31st, regardless of when it is purchased. For example, if service for a system is purchased in July of 2022, it expires December 31, 2022.

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