Cycle Button Disabled on Classic GrainGage in Mirus 3.1

31 Aug 2016




Any one of the following can cause the problem.

  1. Using the Compass icon and relocating to a new plot.
  2. While in harvest mode entering diagnostics, taring the system, then closing the diagnostic screen before the tare is complete.
  3. Unknown… possibly moving around in diagnostics and/or other options (like relocating).



  1. Click on the Pencil button to take an observation note, then press the green check (or pencil again) in the lower right corner.
    • There is no need to actually take a note.
  2. The cycle button should now be green and/or the system will start cycling to process the plot that has been waiting in the cyclone.


You should NOT lose a plot if you follow these steps.


Note:  Watch this video to demonstrate these steps: