Mirus Countdown Timer Setup

16 Jun 2016

Use of a countdown timer in HarvestMaster software helps the combine operator get a consistent clean-out time after harvesting each plot. This timer can be different for each combine and different for each location the same combine harvests. The reason the timer is different from combine to combine depends on how quickly grain can get through the threshing parts of the machine. The next variable is how efficient the clean grain delivery system is to the HarvestMaster weigh system. The combine must be well maintained to get grain delivered quickly to the weight system. Grain moisture, type, and the yield of the plots being harvested may be factor on how long it takes grain to get to the weight system.

You should check the countdown timer at each location to ensure your combine is set properly for the harvest conditions at that field. (Remember, HarvestMaster recommends that you start the system cycle when all the grain is in the throat of combine.)


Countdown Timer Setup

  1. While opening up field, use border plots planted the length of the field to set countdown timer.
    • Border plots should be a Hybrid/Variety that is typically grown in the area.
  2. Get combine and HarvestMaster software into Plot Harvest mode.
  3. Start cutting through a border plot. As soon as the last stalk is cut and in the throat of the machine, start a manual timer on a phone or watch.
  4. Watch the grain flowing into the GrainGage.
  5. Stop your timer once the flow of grain has stopped (or an acceptable amount of loss/carryover is reached).
    • This is the combine’s clean-out time. Every combine will be different, even if they are the same model.
    • Best Practice is to repeat steps 3-5 several times to confirm clean-out time is consistent.
  6. Take the clean-out time and add 1-2 seconds to get the countdown timer for that system.
    • Clean-out Time + (1-2 seconds) = Countdown Timer

Warning: The clean-out time may change depending on the grain type, moisture content, and plot size. 


Check Countdown Timer

  1. Begin harvesting a plot, start the countdown timer as soon as you exit that plot and all of the grain is in the throat of the machine..
  2. Do not proceed to next plot. Instead, immediately start another weigh cycle.
  3. The grain that is weighed during this cycle is carryover grain from previous plot. You do not want plot weight to be greater than 0.5 lbs (preferably <.1 lbs).
  4. If the carryover is greater than 0.5 lbs., increase the countdown timer. Repeat steps 1-4 until the carryover grain is less than 0.5 lbs.

Caution:  If your carryover from plot to plot is greater than 0.5 lbs., the moisture and test weight of the next plot could be affected.