Connection Problem (Classic GrainGage)

15 Jun 2016


No communication or loss of communication with GrainGage.



Static can cause the EM sensor to malfunction which, in turn, will cause a loss of communications. This is an extremely rare occurrence, but we have found the grounding mod to prevent this issue form happening when harvesting.



Install grounding wire prevents static build up when harvesting.

  1. Install “Ring Terminals” on each end of a 30"+ ground wire. 16-18 AWG wire is recommended. It is best if the rings are soldered onto the wire.
  2. Connect one end to the wire to the Chamber bolt as shown (middle level).
  3. Connect the other end of the wire to the chassis of the combine for optimal results.



The GrainGage mounting bolt as shown can be used, but is not recommended as it is isolated from the chassis via the rubber iso mounts on the back of the GrainGage.



Make sure grounding wire is secured and kept away from the moving slides inside the GrainGage.