Classic GG Cycle Times

13 Apr 2016

The Classic GG will cycle one sample through the system (from top to bottom) in about 3-4 seconds. This could be slightly lower depending on how fast the sample is feeding and if the system is cycling without any delays (i.e. when cycling multiple times). 3 seconds is a good average number to calculate plot-to-plot speed.

Chamber size:

Note: These numbers are purposefully set with low values to approximate worst case cycle times.

There is always a flush cycle at the end of the plot that takes 6-8 seconds after the ENTER key is pressed.


So, for a 3.0 L chamber, the system will process 25 lbs in approximately four cycles plus the two flush cycles (total six cycles). Multiply three seconds by four cycles and you get 12 seconds. Add 8 seconds to flush and the cycle time is approximately 20 seconds. Assuming it takes 5 seconds to get through the plot and an extra 5 seconds for the sample to get to the Classic GG and start cycling, the plot-to-plot speed on a 25 lb plot with 3.0 L chamber is about 30 seconds.

You can see how the plot-to-plot speed is highly dependent on 1) yield of sample, 2) test weight of sample, 3) chamber size, 4) timer settings, 5) operator delays, and 6) combine threshing/clean-out time. A 30-35 second plot is pretty common in most applications when harvesting a 25 lb plot with a 3.0 L chamber.