Weight Tare Warnings

13 Apr 2016




When the tare check occurs between plots, it typically does not use the full "weigh time" when checking tare. The tare check reading is worst case scenario and it should not be assumed the tare error is the same as the systems recorded plot weight error.


High Capacity GrainGage

The HCGG does what is called a quarter tare check between every plot. This means that the system only uses ¼ of the weigh time to check tare between each plot. We only use ¼ of the time so that it will cycle faster and not slow your plot to plot speed.

Since we are doing a ¼ tare check, you will see up to + or - .2 lb drift in tare with all HCGG's. Most, if not all HCGG's will not hold a tare check within .1 lb with an empty bucket.

When there is weight in the bucket while we are using the full duration of the weigh time when taking plot weight, you will see increased accuracy with the recorded plot weight.


If you are still having issues, please contact one of our HarvestMaster Field Service Engineers