Random and/or High BDS Test Weight

12 Apr 2016

As you can see in this first picture, this is one condition that can cause random high test weights. The binding of the corn kernel (or any other seed/object) between the spring and cup will add additional pressure to the test weight load cell creating the high false test weights. Ensure the Wiper Spacer has been installed, and the BDS Script Update has been run.

Corn kernel stuck between the spring and cup of the machine.

If you get two or more consecutive plots of abnormal test weights. The next two pictures show (highlighted in red) the key places to check for items binding up the test cup.

  1. This picture is on the back side of the test cup, while the picture shows just one side, both sides of the cup need to be checked accordingly. Verify no kernels, or pieces of kernels, are stuck in these areas.

Side of the test cup with gaps kernels or other items could get lodged in.

  1. This next picture shows the bottom of the arm of the BDS system, inside of the plot bucket. Ensure these areas are clear from any items causing binding. Pay special attention to the far right side of the picture. There are two holes here that are prone to getting grain stuck in them which create binding. The best way to check these places is to run a business/credit card up and down each spot feeling for heavy resistance or no movement. This technique is useful as they are narrow and hard to get a good visual inspection.

The bottom of the arm highlighting sections items may get stuck in.