Mirus Will Not Open or Locks-up Entering Harvest Mode

30 Jan 2023


If Mirus will not open or locks up when entering Harvest Mode, the user config file may have been corrupted.



  1. Exit Mirus and navigate to %Localappdata% (i.e. C:\Users\*Current User Login*\AppData\Local) using a File Explorer window.  
  2. Delete the HarvestMaster folder.
  3. When reconnecting to Mirus, it will regenerate this folder.

Warning: Deleting this folder will reset the Mirus quad view back to default.  Any changes made to the layout of the quad view will need to be redone. All weigh system calibrations and settings will not be effected.  

If you are still having issues, please contact one of our HarvestMaster Field Service Engineers