Mirus Will Not Open or Locks-up Entering Harvest Mode

19 Dec 2023


If Mirus will not open or locks up when entering Harvest Mode, there may have been some corruption to the system files or user config file.


  1. Ensure Windows updates are current by searching for "Updates" and then selecting "Check for Updates" using system settings.
  2. Reboot tablet by selecting the windows Icon>>Power Button>>RESTART. 
  3. If Mirus will open, at the Mirus Home page, click on Setup>>Preferences>>Application Cache.  Clear all cached application settings.  Settings include quad view configurations, yield settings, countdown time, units, and backup log locations. All these will have to be reconfigured.   
  4. Navigate to "%Localappdata%" (i.e. C:\Users\*Current User Login*\AppData\Local) using a File Explorer window. Delete the "HarvestMaster" folder to reset the configuration settings. When reconnecting to Mirus, it will regenerate this folder. 
    • Warning: Deleting this folder will reset the Mirus quad view back to default.  Any changes made to the layout of the quad view will need to be redone. All weigh system calibrations and settings will not be effected. 
  5. If still not resolved, rename the "Mirus" folder located at: C:/HarvestMaster/Mirus.
    • NOTE: The Mirus serial number and unlock code are located in the "mirus.act" file located at: C:\HarvestMaster\Mirus\System (this is a hidden folder). To unhide, click on the "View" tab and make sure the "Hidden items" box is checked: 
  6. Click on Setup>>Devices>>GG Device Used>>Factory Reset. This will reset the hardware settings for the GrainGage.  All settings should be restored when reconnecting device.
  7. Uninstall Mirus and delete the C:\HarvestMaster\Mirus folder (only if you have already created a backup as mentioned in step 4 above).   
  8. Reinstall Mirus and register using same serial number and unlock code. 

If you are still having issues, please contact one of our HarvestMaster Field Service Engineers.