Issues Copying or Importing Maps with DataLink for FRS

11 Jun 2013

Importing Issues

Some computers running Windows 7 or Windows Vista have experienced problems importing new maps into the FRS database. In order to correct this problem, our software engineers have created a patch, “DataLink-for-FRS-Hotfix”, that the user can download. This patch prevents the DataLink for FRS v2.4 application from crashing in Windows Vista and Windows 7 when importing maps into the FRS database. Below is the link and instructions to install this patch on your computer.



Installation instructions:




IMPORTANT NOTE: There is a small draw back to this fix. When importing or exporting the PROGRESS TEXT WILL NOT UPDATE as the file imports or exports. The progress bar will still continue to work as it did before, but the text will not update.



Copying Database Issues

Datalink for FRS will successfully copy a database from the handheld, but gives an error when it tries to clean and compact the database. If you try to import a map into the database, you get an “Unhandled exception” or other error in Step 2.

Solution: Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 x86 and Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 x86 are both required for the correct operation of Datalink for FRS. The redistributable packages can be downloaded here:

C++ 2008:

C++ 2010:

A few Datalink for FRS users running Windows 7 or Windows Vista have reported Datalink for FRS crashes when importing maps (an error is reported and Datalink shuts down). The Datalink for FRS program may work on one person’s PC, but will crash on an identical PC in the same office.

To correct this problem, download the “Datalink-for-FRSHotfix” patch. Follow the “DL-FRS Patch Install Instructions” to install the patch. Both are available on the Downloads page.