Harvest system start up sequence

21 Dec 2010

Whenever starting up the combine and the HarvestMaster system, it is recommended to start the system in the following order. Please make sure everything is turned off prior to following this sequence.

  1. Start the combine engine.
  2. Confirm air pressure to GrainGage or hydraulic pressure to bucket system (if applicable).
  3. Connect handheld to CCU, confirming a good firm connection
  4. Turn on CCU
  5. Handheld should turn on automatically
  6. Run FRS
  7. If you cannot select “Harvest” under activities, go to Setup > System > Manage Devices and enable your harvest module
  8. Before harvesting, make sure you have “Harvest” in the box for Activities, and “Harvest” for your Trait Template
  9. Select “Collect” in the lower left hand corner of your screen
  10. Choose the appropriate moisture curve for the crop you are harvesting
  11. Select “Form”
  12. Choose your navigation pattern and select “Save”
  13. You are now ready to harvest.
    • For the Classic GrainGage and High Capacity GrainGage, go ahead and begin harvesting. Press enter when plot is complete.
    • For the GHM, harvest your first plot and hit enter. This will dump your plot into the weigh bucket. Harvest your next plot and hit enter. This will weigh your previous plot, dump it, and dump your latest plot in the weigh bucket.



Note: Not starting the harvest system in the proper sequence can potentially cause false readings from the moisture sensor, and/or Slope and Motion Compensator sensor.