FRS Repair Tutorial

11 Dec 2020

FRS Maps Repair

If the data inside a single map file has become corrupted or can no longer load properly in harvest, FRS comes with a map repair tool located in its installation path called "JSRebuild" which can repair/rebuild individual map files. Using this repair tool can potentially restore the functionality of the map for harvest or harvest data import/export. 


FRS Database Repair (Reset Instructions)

Important: These instructions will delete all map files, map data, the master trait list, and any trait templates you may have setup. Here are the main reasons why you would need to reset your FRS database:

Follow the outlined steps below to properly reset the FRS database:

  1. From within FRS navigate to "Setup > Database Tools > Export data to CSV" and export all "Master Trait list" and "Trait Templates" file types. You can choose to export these directly to a USB thumb drive (Allegro MX & 2) or saved to another PC through a Windows Mobile Device Center connection (Allegro CX). You can also export these files out to any other folder outside the FRS installation path on the internal hard drive of the Allegro handheld.

  2. Next, exit FRS and delete the appropriate database folder as highlighted in the table below:

    Warning: You will be asked to confirm the deletion of this folder. Deleting this folder will remove all current field maps, data, traits, templates, custom user logins, and preferences from FRS. If you have exported your "Master Trait List" and "Trait Templates" you can re-import these back into a clean FRS database as explained in step 5.

    Allegro Type Path(s) to Database Example Photos
    Allegro CX My Computer > C_Drive > FRS > Database

    Allegro MX File Explorer > My Device > Application Data > HarvestMaster > FRS2

    Allegro 2 Windows Flag > File Explorer > My Device > Application Data > HarvestMaster > FRS2

  3. After the database folder is deleted, reopen FRS and a new empty database will be generated automatically. FRS may take an additional minute to load while generating this new database.

  4. Note: If you receive an error message similar to "error loading field map" after FRS has finished loading, it is recommended to generate a new, empty field map, and then exit and re-enter FRS.

  5. You can now re-import your traits and templates back into FRS by navigating within FRS to "Setup > Database Tools > Import data from the CSV". From here you can import all "Master Trait list" and "Trait Templates" that were saved in step 1 into the newly emptied database.

  6. Confirm that any custom settings you have entered previously are intact (moisture curves, load cell calibrations, scripts, etc.). If you were using custom user logins and preferences, these may need to be regenerated.

FRS Installation Repair

If resetting the database does not resolve the issues that you are experiencing with FRS, then a full installation repair will be needed. In order to repair your FRS installation follow the outlined steps below:

  1.  Perform a full backup of all data still remaining in the current installation of FRS. This will insure that all moisture curves, calibration files,  timer settings, and any other machine specific files that may have been set by a user or a HarvestMaster technician is safely saved off the handheld. The easiest and fastest way to do this is to copy the current FRS install folder as outlined in the table below either to an external USB thumb drive (Allegro MX or Allegro 2) or directly through a Windows Mobile Device Center connection to the desktop of a connected PC (Allegro CX).
    Allegro Type Path(s) to FRS Install Example Photos
    Allegro CX My Computer > C_Drive > FRS

    Allegro MX File Explorer > My Device > Program Files > FRS
    Allegro 2 Windows Flag > File Explorer > My Device > Program Files > FRS

  2. Next, you will need to uninstall both the current FRS installation and any "harvest modules", or GrainGage specific plugins, from the handheld. The table below shows the navigation path to get to the add/remove programs menu on each handheld:

    **WARNING** You will be prompted upon clicking the "Remove" button on "Juniper Systems FRS" to remove all user data including your registration, when prompted with this option select NO this way only the FRS application files are removed.
    Allegro CX
    Allegro MX
    Allegro 2