14 Oct 2004

The "Not Ready Reading Drive D- Abort, Retry, Fail" error message is caused when the map data drive (the drive that map data is saved to) in the Harvest Data software on the Allegro has been changed to a drive that currently does not exist.

This can occur if you were saving maps to a PC card inserted into the back of the Allegro, and then removed the PC card without changing the map data drive in the Harvest Data software back to the C: drive. Or this can also occur when you are connected to the Transfer Files function in Datalink for Windows, and accidentally click on the "D: Drive" under the Remote Files section in the Drive(s) selection box.

To correct this issue, complete the following steps:

  1. Press the On/Off key to turn the Allegro off, then press the On/Off key again to restart the Allegro.


  2. Press the Escape key immediately when the Harvest Data program title screen appears. This should take you to the Main Menu of the harvest data software. If it does not, and you get the "Not Ready Reading Drive D- Abort, Retry, Fail" error message again, press the "F" key on the Allegros keyboard until you get to the main menu.


  3. Select Setup from the Main Menu and press Enter.


  4. Select System from the Setup Menu and press Enter.


  5. Select Map/Data Drive in the System Menu and press Enter.


  6. Press the Space key to select the "Program Location" as the map data drive, or press the "C" key for C: Drive, and then press Enter.


  7. Connect to Transfer Files in DataLink for Windows, and change the Remote Files section Drive(s) selection box to Pgm Loc, or to the drive where your maps are located. If Pgm Loc is already selected, click on the "C:\" Drive, and then click the Pgm Loc button again to refresh the drive selection.