Calibrating Moisture Curves in Mirus

13 Apr 2016

We can adjust the moisture curve manually. To do this, in Mirus go to “Setup, (Select your GrainGage), Moisture Curves”. Highlight the curve you want to edit, and click the “Pencil” icon down below. This will open a screen that lists your moisture curve % and the corresponding moisture voltages. To adjust the curve, we want to move the moisture % either up or down.

Example: This is what you will see in the edit moisture curve screen. If the system is reading 4% Higher than the desktop unit, you would lower each point by 4% starting at 10%. So 10% becomes 6%, 13% becomes 9%, etc…

Always leave 0 at 0.00.

After doing this, rerun your samples and see if the systems match up now.

If the system is reading lower, you would add 4% to each point on the curve starting at 10%, so 10% becomes 14% etc…

Give this a try, if the systems isn't reading correctly still you will have to run a new calibration for the moisture. To do this, we will need 4-8 samples of varying moisture to set a good curve.


Note: Additional information can be found Creating Moisture Curves in Mirus.