Creating Moisture Curves in Mirus

13 Apr 2016

Unlike FRS, Mirus software guides you through the moisture curve creation process. You will need a minimum of 2 grain samples, 1 high and 1 low for each crop you will harvest. The calibration wizard gives you detailed instruction on when to dump the samples through and it cycles the system for you. After the 2 samples have been run, Mirus generates a curve and displays the results in a moisture vs. voltage chart and a corresponding line graph. Your curve should be smooth with no spikes or valleys. Once a curve is generated, additional samples can be run through the system by using the cycle button at the lower left of the screen. The cycle data will be displayed below the curve.


If your additional samples are run through and are not within +/- .5% of measured, adjustments can be made to the Moisture vs. Voltage chart or the Calibration Temp located in the gear tab on the right side of screen (red arrow).

  1. Adjustments made to the calibration temp will shift the entire curve up or down.
  2. Adjustments made to the moisture column or voltage column in the chart will only affect that region in the curve and will be displayed in the graph to the right of the chart. Remember to keep you moisture curve smooth for optimum moisture readings.


Note: Additional information can be found Calibrating Moisture Curves in Mirus.