Error message when relocating in “List” view in FRS 2.4 Note-taking

15 Aug 2013

When you attempt to relocate while taking List view field notes in FRS, you get an error message similar to “Most likely the FMH-next plot ID not updated: ERROR: 219”

When you go into the NAV screen to make a location change, the software always shows the first location that you entered when you started the map (Range 1/Row 1 or whatever location you started on). It will not show your actual location. You cannot change it to the correct location or enter the location to which you want to go without getting the error. Once the error occurs, the map becomes unusable.

Using List view in FRS Note-taking 2.4 will only work reliably if you never have to relocate or change the number of observers. Do not use Spatial view to relocate.

Work-around: When taking field notes in FRS, use “Form” view only. If you need to view previously taken data, use Spatial view.

If your map becomes unusable after going into LIST view, your data is safe and can be found in the Program Files/FRS/Backup folder. To finish taking notes, create a new map and finish up using Form view. Merge the data from the two maps after uploading the data to your PC.