How can I export my data off of my Allegro MX?

11 Jun 2013

HarvestMaster has comprised a variety of options for users to export their respected data. Below are three different way to export data.

Exporting through FRS

FRS has the capability to export you data through the “Setup” and “Database Tools”. Once in the export menu, select the desired map and location you would like to have the file saved. FRS will then convert your data into a CSV (comma delimited) format and save your data to the selected file. One can then extract their data either by connecting the handheld to their computer or copying the file from the handheld to a USB Flash Drive.

Exporting through DataLink for FRS

DataLink for FRS manages the interface between your research management software and data collection process in the field. DataLink is a PC based utility that manages the FRS database and provides easy interface to research management software. It is an integral part of FRS Note Taking. Use DataLink to:

Backup Folder

HarvestMaster provides its users with a backup feature in rare case of a database failure. If someone’s database were to become corrupt and that individual isn’t able to export their data, they can simple connect their handheld to their computer, navigate to the “Backup” folder on the handheld then copy and paste their backup files to their desktop. The backup files contains more information such cycle time, cycle count, moisture sensor voltages, etc. The use will then have to sort through the information in the file to retrieve their desired data.