Mirus Video

At a glance
Collect the highest-quality field research data possible using HarvestMaster’s Mirus™ data collection software and industry-standard HarvestMaster GrainGages™. With multiple ways to view your field data through easy-to-access screens and menus, Mirus puts all the information you need at the tips of your fingers, viewed easily on a large, Windows tablet display.
Because Mirus can easily be connected to other field data collection devices, it is the best software to use throughout the growing season to collect and control various devices.
Mirus has two data collection modes. The first, Note-Taking, is for recording notes and observations at any time—from planting through harvest. The second, Harvest, is to be used with HarvestMaster GrainGages™ for significantly improved efficiency and data quality.

Mirus’ Note-Taking mode takes your field data collection to the next level. Note-Taking makes data collection smooth and efficient, allowing you to quickly enter field notes and ratings. Cut down on time by taking notes both on and off the combine, and improve collaboration with researchers by recording Quick-Notes—or unique observations about a plot. Whether you have one or multiple observers, Mirus helps you efficiently collect the data and observations you need.

While you’re harvesting, Mirus’ Harvest mode takes all the information you need from the harvest data system and places it right in front of you. Stay informed minute by minute using Mirus’ Quad View, allowing you to monitor four real-time data inputs simultaneously. Simply select which system information you’d like to view from several options, including the Plot IDs, current and past plot data, diagnostics, spatially and graphically-displayed data, and field averages and yield maps.

Mirus integrates easily with other technologies like near-infrared (NIR) instruments, printers, barcode readers, and nonstop harvest heads so your data collection processes can run as smooth as possible.


Minimum System Requirements

Hardware: HarvestMaster GrainGage™ HM800 series

Operating System: Laptops and tablets; Windows® 7 or 8; 32 or 64-bit OS

Processor Speed: 2.0 GHz Dual Core

Memory: 4 GB recommended

Data Storage: 500 MB available disk space

Display Resolution: 1280 x 800 or higher