At HarvestMaster, our first-rate business partners have market expertise and provide exceptional products and services to suit your individual needs. It's simple to locate a business partner near you.

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With U.S. locations in Logan, Utah and Kansas City, Missouri, as well as a European office in Wels, Austria, HarvestMaster also partners with companies across the globe, providing unsurpassed service and support to our customers worldwide. To find a HarvestMaster location or partner near you, please see the list below.


HarvestMaster Locations:


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Logan, UT & Kansas City, MO
Serves customers in the U.S.
Contact online or by phone at 435-753-1881


Wels, Austria
Serves customers in Europe

Opened in January 2015, HarvestMaster Europe enables HarvestMaster to provide more immediate and excellent service to its European customers. HarvestMaster Europe's Managing Director is Peter Kuchner.

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HarvestMaster Partners:


Kincaid Logo

Kincaid Equipment
Location: Haven, Kansas, U.S.A.
Serves customers worldwide

Kincaid Equipment Manufacturing is a 46-year-old company specializing in equipment for the seed research industry. Their product line includes a high-performance multi-crop plot combine, newly developed twin plot combine, planters and threshers. Kincaid equipment is located in Haven, Kansas. Kincaid prides itself on customer service with a well-qualified staff to give you the support for all your sales and service needs.

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Repros Srl Logo

Repros S.r.l.
Location: Vicenza, Italy
Serves customers in: Italy, Spain, Croatia, & Serbia

REPROS is a company dedicated to agricultural services. Since it was founded in 1985, its core business has involved field testing on the most important crops in Northern Italy. Over the years, REPROS has broadened its range of services for farming operators, becoming an important landmark for seed and agrochemical companies, public authorities and agricultural associations.

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Seedmech Logo

Seedmech Latinamerica
Location: Argentina
Serves customers in South America

Seedmech teams up with leading companies in Argentina to improve their crops and their businesses. Together, they work on experimental plots and monitor complex climates. Since 1990, Seedmech Latinamerica has been headquartered in Rosario, Argentina, with specialized personnel stationed in other regions. Seedmech Latinamerica has trained technicians and competent staff to help and advise customers.

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Trials Equipment Ltd. Logo

Trials Equipment Ltd.
Location: UK
Serves customers in: UK & Ireland

Trials Equipment Ltd. first began converting combines for the trials industry in 1986 and is now the main supplier of all trials machinery for the UK and Ireland markets. They specialize in agricultural machinery design, providing HarvestMaster's GrainGageâ„¢ system, rape table extensions, Min Till plot drills, specialist sprayers, tool carriers and a host of other machines and modifications. They also provide spare parts as well as on-site services for trials machinery.

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Wintersteiger Logo

Wintersteiger GmbH
Location: Austria
Serves customers worldwide

For over 60 years, WINTERSTEIGER has offered a wide range of modern field-testing equipment. Their products, which are customized for many different purposes, are developed and produced in their factory in Ried im Innkreis, Austria. This allows WINTERSTEIGER to offer a premium range of products that covers the entire cycle of agricultural field trial science, from sowing through harvesting and beyond.

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Wintersteiger North America
Location: Utah, USA
Serves customers in: North America

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Zurn Harvesting Logo

Zurn Harvesting GmbH
Location: Germany
Serves customers worldwide

Zurn Harvesting was founded in 1885 by Johann Zürn when he opened a blacksmith shop in Schöntal-Westernhausen, Germany. Zurn began producing Oil Seed Rape harvesting machinery in 1980. Their headquarters are situated in Schöntal-Westernhausen, and they have two production facilities in Ravenstein-Merchingen (for headers) and Waldenburg-Hohebuch (for plot combines). Recently, the company celebrated its 125th anniversary. Zurn is still a family-owned business and is in its 4th generation of ownership.

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Maquinas Agricolas
Location: Brazil
Serves customers in: Brazil

Maquinas Agricolas provides HarvestMaster products and services to customers in Brazil.

Contact Maquinas Agricolas at or


Haiweida Logo

Haiweida Machinery Co, LTD
Location: China
Serves customers in: China

Haiweida Machinery has done business in China since 2000. They specialize in seed research equipment, providing research plot combines and stationary threshers with HarvestMaster's GrainGageâ„¢ system. Haiweida is also experienced in seed processing. Their products include grain dryers, air screen seed cleaners, gravity sorters, vibrating conveyors, and seed coating machines. Haiweida Machinery is located in Qingdao and serves all areas of China.

Contact Haiweida Machinery at