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Caring for the Environment, a Priority for Juniper Systems

We are actively involved in protecting the environment by recycling; conserving energy; and implementing best practices in the design, manufacture, service and disposal of our products. One of our company maxims states:“We provide products and use manufacturing practices which help conserve natural resources and preserve the environment.”Our efforts involve our customers, employees, company culture, and community.

Products — Safety and Recycling

We work to keep hazardous substances out of our handheld computers and to keep them from becoming electronic waste.

  • RoHS Compliance for our Handheld Computers - Our current handheld models comply with the RoHS directive which stands for the “restriction on the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment.” This directive aims to control the use of certain materials that are hazardous to the environment and humans such as mercury, lead, hexavalent chromium, and cadmium. The RoHS directive was initiated by the European Union. Other countries are working on their own directives, including Norway, China, and the U.S. starting with the state of California.
  • Handheld Recycling - We promote the reuse, recycling, and recovery of electrical waste. When handheld computers and other electronic components in our facility reach the end of their useful lives, they are recycled. Our customers are welcome to return handheld computers to us for recycling if they don’t have this option available locally. Please contact our service department for instructions if you would like to return a handheld computer(s) for recycling, or 435.753.1881.
  • Recycling Rechargeable Batteries - Customers are encouraged to recycle the batteries used in our handheld computers in our Owner’s Manuals and on our website. Some locations ban the disposal of recyclable batteries into the solid waste stream.
  • Recyclable/Reusable Handheld Packaging - The boxes for our Archer Field PC and Allegro Field PC are made almost completely of corrugated cardboard and paperboard. For our TK6000 Rugged Handheld, we provide a molded plastic case. Both types of packaging are made from part post-consumer waste and are reusable or recyclable.

Employees — Culture of Personal Involvement

Recycling Around the Office

We are committed to recycling everything we can. Containers are placed throughout the company for collecting recyclables. Employees are invited to bring recyclables like batteries, fluorescent light bulbs and cell phones from home to add to our collection bins.

  • E-waste Recycling - When desktop, laptop, and handheld computers reach the end of their useful lives, they are recycled rather than thrown away.
  • Batteries -If it is rechargeable, it is recyclable. We belong to the Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation’s Call2Recycle® program. The following rechargeable battery chemistries are recycled through them - Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cd), Nickel Metal Hydride (Ni-MH), Lithium Ion (Li-ion), Nickel Zinc (Ni-Zn), and Small Sealed Lead (Pb). Reusable materials are reclaimed including nickel, iron, cadmium, lead, and cobalt. Alkaline batteries are recycled locally.
  • Mixed Recyclables -Aluminum cans, plastic containers, mixed paper, tin/steel cans, and corrugated cardboard. Our local Environmental Department picks these items up. We are lucky to have a local company that turns recycled mixed paper into insulation for homes and businesses.
  • Fluorescent Light Bulbs -Both compact and tube style fluorescent light bulbs are recycled.
  • Misc. Recycling -Toner cartridges for our printers are recycled.
Environmental Committee

Employee involvement makes our environmental efforts possible. Everyone is invited to join our environmental committee and work on existing projects or propose their own ideas. In addition to projects like recycling, we promote:

  • Clean Grounds -Employees work hard (and have fun) cleaning up our grounds periodically.
  • Conservation -Energy and water conservation are promoted in our offices.
  • Bike, Don’t Drive -Alternative modes of transportation for getting to and from work are encouraged, including biking, walking, and mass transportation.

Company — Responsible Use of Building and Grounds


Efforts to conserve energy and reduce water use help us reduce our utility expenses and benefit the environment. Our efforts include:

  • Smart Watering - An automatic timer and Irrisoft (a sister company) evaporation and rainfall monitor help us water our grounds efficiently.
  • Conserving Energy – Employees are encouraged to turn off lights and computers when they are not in use, avoid the use of space heaters and coolers, and to wear appropriate clothing for the weather.
Grounds and Gardens

Juniper Systems headquarters is located on 10 acres with 3 acres of wetlands. The beautiful Wellsville mountains provide a spectacular background. We are committed to the following initiatives for our grounds and gardens:

  • Using Indigenous Plants -The trees, shrubs, grass and other plants on our property are indigenous to Northern Utah and they are drought tolerant.
  • Protected Wetlands - We maintaining natural cover in the wetlands. We plan to put bird nesting boxes up in the future to enhance bird habitat.

Community — Education and Service

We work with our community by assisting with environmental projects. Some examples follow:

  • Mapping the Bear River in northern Utah: We donated time, equipment, and GIS expertise to The Bear River Bottoms project. The Bridgerland Audubon Society, The Nature Conservancy of Utah, and PacifiCorp Energy were all involved. The plan was to construct a conservation easement and long-term management agreement between the players which would guide the management of these lands for their conservation values. During a “bio-blitz” the characteristics of the parcels, including vegetation, structures, debris, and water bodies, were documented. Read this press release to learn about the outcome of the project.
  • Giving college students hands-on experience with field computers: Juniper Systems has partnered with the College of Natural Resources at Utah State University for several years, providing training and field experience with our rugged handheld computers to students. We recently donated two Archer Field PCs to the GEOSPAtial Sciences Teaching Lab.
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